Here’s the trailer for the next episode of Reserve Channel’s ARTST TLK series. We last brought you word about the run of interviews in October, when Pharrell conversed with Kenny Scharf and Karim Rashid. The next installment, titled “Affirming the Viewer,” features none other than Jeff Koons; there is no announced release date for the full-version of the video. 

Sure, this will be an intriguing conversation between two of the pop world’s currently most powerful figures. But I think the main draw of watching this trailer is the way it’s cut together: taken at face value, the video creates a nonsensical conversation between Koons and Pharrell that is, in a way, more fascinating than the real thing could possibly be. Just imagine that what we see here is the actual thread of logic they follow and this becomes a conversation between two insane persons.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to the full version of the conversation. Because hopefully it will fill in some gaps.

UPDATE November 21, 2013 3:15 p.m.: We've replaced the trailer with the real thing. Koons and Pharrell chat for a half hour about the power of art and the way it has shaped their lives. Pharrell asks Koons about his early years, about destroying his artwork after his divorce, and why he thinks that people gravitate towards his work (he now holds the world auction record for a living artist). Enjoy the interesting conversation between two very interesting artists.

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[via Hypebeast]