Date: August 28, 2005
Music performed: “Gold Digger”

Kanye began his 2005 VMA performance with Jamie Foxx on a rotating, circular stage, as the two wore suits and sunglasses (we're not sure when Foxx decided to unbutton his shirt, but by the end, it happened). The technicolor performance contained vibrant background screens and ceiling pieces, making it seem like a flashy Miami party (complete with dollar bills flying from the sky). Lady dancers get on stage towards the end, and the classy "Gold Digger" debauchery is complete.

The stage, and their stage presence, showed the fun side of Kanye, even in the context of more serious songs and interviews. The suit also contrasted his previous on-stage look of a college student in a polo and a backpack, signalling the new chapter and a new album, Late Registration.