U.N.L.V. Master P. Lil Wayne. These are names that put New Orleans on the map of hip-hop relevance. Between No Limits 1,234,458 albums a week or the Bounce movement bringing twerking into our lives years before Miley Cyrus ruined it, NOLA's hip-hop scene is unlike any other. And that includes the rappers' sense of style in and of itself. 

The Big Easy is still churning out rappers who will carry the torch as Weezy fizzles out and Percy takes his talents to the boardroom, but they don't need any help when it comes to stunting. While there's the traditional fashion sense guys from L.A. or NYC tend to concentrate on, rappers from the Crescent City have a look that, like the city itself, mixes up influences and histories to create something that's uniquely their own. These are the 10 Most Stylish Rappers from New Orleans

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