Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has decided to try his hand in a new field: bar ownership. At the Nakano Broadway shopping mall in western Tokyo, Murakami has opened a Scandinavian-themed art bar which he calls "Bar Zingaro." Murakami already owns several art spaces in the mall, but Bar Zingaro is the first to offer coffee and cocktails, provided by Norwegian company Fuglen. Fuglen also handled "project management, concept development, market plan, architectural work, interior design, construction, staff training, quality control and menu development." While the cafe is the theme of the space and visitors do have access to high quality menu items, it is also an extension of Murakami's Zingaro gallery chain and will feature rotating exhibitions of contemporary Japanese art. If you find yourself in Tokyo you may want to pop into the Nakano Broadway mall and visit this and Murakami's other galleries.

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[via ArtInfo]

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