When SHOWstudio's film director Nick Knight and stylist Simon Foxton decided to attach the title #asif to their latest effort, they made it safe to assume that the ensuing photos and videos would offer Couture-heavy vibes: outlandish, abstract and wholly hilarious. 

And indeed, it seems Foxton pored over the wackiest shit on the runways at Been Trill, Craig Green, Issey Miyake and more, for his #asif looks. A live stream of the photoshoot featured street-casted faces and established models alike wearing some of the clothing shown above, including a red and black Hood By Air shirt with "HBA" splashed all over the front, (Oh, sorry, who's your shirt by? Been wondering. Couldn't tell.), and some truly great jackets by Jonathan Saunders. During one point in the shoot, a model fended off a pile of balloons and beach balls while wearing short-shorts and a multicolored neon shirt. So picture that.

When coming up with the concept for #asif, Foxton and Knight said they drew inspiration from "notions of copyright and ownership, new realities, screen language, new imagery, high density decoration, latent image and fashion film." 

Photos from the collaboration will be published in an upcoming VMAN Magazine spread. Until then, Saunders and Knight can be found on the SHOWstudio Twitter and Tumblr answering questions about their project. 

[via SHOWstudio]