It often feels like SSUR designer Ruslan Karablin is pointing his finger with one hand while holding his belly with the other, doubled over, cracking up at the public. He knew those COMME des FUCKDOWN hats and t-shirts were a complete joke (and a dig toward the ridiculous antics of streetwear labels) and he knew that people were going to lap it up. And look at that - they did. 

It's unclear whether Karablin's latest line for SSUR will take off in that same, almost viral way, but there's no question that the Russian-born designer is still poking fun at, well, whatever he can. 

The new collection includes snarky snapbacks, (one says "Ralph Lifshitz" with a fake Polo horse for Christ's sake), black and white beanies, and printed hoodies and tees - couldn't agree more with the "Fuck EDC" shirt - along with some mean SSUR x FUTURA pins. The line is dark, brooding, yet totally on point and altogether comical. Sweet move, Karablin. Keep on chuckling.

[via SSUR]