On the eve of the 20th anniversary of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), big things are happening. Wu-Tang Brand just put out a celebratory anniversary collection of clothing, and we're told there's even more gear on its way. Looking back, Wu-Tan Clan and its affiliates changed the entire genre of hip-hop two decades ago, but they also changed style. Their look was as hard as their sound, and, like the music, each member brought his signature flair to the table.

Friendly competition definitely spurred each member on to create doper shit, and the same must've been true of their style. The Polos, Wallabees, and overall East Coast look that they pioneered essentially gave rise to streetwear as we know it, and we bow down to the Wu in thanks. That being said, some members brought it harder than others. Just confining this list to the nine original founding members, we Ranked Wu-Tang Clan's Members By Their Style.

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