Even the biggest stars on the world stage have time to soak up some culture, and that’s just how South Korean pop sensation Psy spent his weekend. Apparently in New York City, the “Gangnam Style” singer horse-danced his way through the annals of Korean art history at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Currently, the museum is showing a grip of beautiful artifacts from the early Korean kingdom of Silla. Above is a photo of Psy in front of one such piece, an iron-cast Buddha from the 8th or 9th century, posted Sunday evening to the Met’s twitter feed. If you happened to be around the museum this weekend, it’s possible you bumped into the King of YouTube and didn’t even know it—he looks pretty innocuous in the above photo, all smiles and sharp-dressed sweaters.

“Silla: Korea’s Golden Kingdom” is on view at the Met into February 2014. If it’s good enough for Psy it’s good enough for us.

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[via The Metropolitan Museum of Art]