While fashion may be more than the sum of its parts, the key to having a great look still lies in acquiring the essential building blocks. This fall, there's one place to get all the staples the stylish man needs: The Dockers® Alpha Collection.

For more than 25 years, Dockers® has embodied the spirit of khaki—but the brand has now evolved into so much more. With exceptional fits, versatile wearability, and a robust palette of colors that embodies the essence of autumn, the Alpha Collection has all of the elements you need for the perfect fall look.

At the heart of the collection are the Dockers® Alpha Khakis, a new generation of pants for the next generation of men. Combining the tailored feel of pants with the rugged durability of jeans, the Alpha Khakis are now available in three different fits: Slim Tapered, Skinny Tapered, and Standard Tapered.

Slim Tapered
With all the features of your favorite original Dockers®, the Alpha Khaki Slim Tapered Fit creates a slim, clean, trendy silhouette that works great with any look.

Skinny Tapered
This slimmest of the three fits, the Alpha Skinny Tapered offers the most progressive, raucous, razor-sharp aesthetic that's as clean as it is contemporary. It's also available in some of the season’s boldest colors, such as Riviera Blue and Wine Tasting Red.

Standard Tapered
The Standard Tapered Alpha Khaki is the perfect cut for style with a bit of ease. It has a standard straight silhouette that's not too slim, not too loose. It is, as Goldilocks would say, "just right."

The Dockers® Alpha Khakis are where jeans end and khakis begin. They are the newest addition to the brand’s timeless approach to masculine design, and are the perfect building blocks for every fall and winter look.

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