The amount of sublimated print items out there can be daunting, and it's easy to lose sight of what's actually dope. Project H is a new label that deserves to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Designer Nino Scalia decided to create "a tribute to timeless fashion and family history" by incorporating a family heirloom into a wearable capsule collection.

Shorts, tees, and basketball jerseys all feature sublimated prints from an Hermès scarf collection Scalia inherited from his mother, who in turn got it from her mother. The navy scarf dates back to Paris in 1954, while the green and red scarves were bought in Paris and London, respectively, in 1974.

The project is meant to raise enough money to bring Scalia's entire fam back to Ireland so they can spread his mother's ashes to rest where she was born. The story caught the attention of Union Los Angeles' head buyer and founder Chris Gibbs, and now each luxe piece is exclusively available for purchase for $160. While this was meant to be a one-off project, it looks like Project H might have a hit on its hands. Scoring an exclusivity deal with Union Los Angeles is no laughing matter, and Project H is throwing a party with BEEN TRILL in a few weeks.