The new issue of the sports-obsessed Victory Journal, the sixth edition of the broadsheet magazine, drops today, a remarkable feat for the publication that was founded in 2012. If you’re unfamiliar, Victory moves beyond the world of sports analysis to focus on memories and images of lesser-recognized events from around the world. The editors manage to accomplish this in a remarkably artful way—check a couple images from the new issue, shot by Jerome Liebling, above.

Victory Journal is a scant $5, which is really not much to pay for 80 full pages of essays, photographs, and more otherwise unavailable content. On the theme of “blood and asphalt,” this includes a grip of excellent work: excerpts from the 1974 book Heaven is a Playground, by Chicago Sun-Times reporter Rick Telander, focusing on the lives of previously gloried sports figures; photographs by Liebling, who focused on senior citizens in Miami playing handball, in black and white; and full-color photos by Alessandro “Zuek” Simonetti’s of the Senegalese wrestling tradition called “lamb.”

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