George W. Bush shocked the world with intimate self-portraits of him in a shower, a disturbing series that was followed by a tamer (but equally hilarious) set of paintings of cats and dogs.

Now the former president has plans to paint the 19 foreign presidents and prime misters he worked with during his time in office, according to an article in the New York Times this weekend by Peter Baker about Bush's post-presidential life.

Mark McKinnon, Bush's friend and former political consultant, tells the Times how the former president now spends his days: “I would sum it up as library work, speeches, painting, golfing and mountain-bike riding. The most consistent characteristic about President Bush is that he truly loves and relishes life.”

Life seems to be pretty swell for the retired president, and besides describing Bush's easygoing lifestyle, Baker also explores trends in the public's view of his presidency. According to Baker's research, Americans are retroactively viewing Bush's time in office more favorably. This may be because conservatives prefer Bush to President Obama and liberals view him more positively in comparison to the Tea Party.

Bush, however, has greatly removed himself from politics, instead focusing on developing his artistic side. According to Baker, Bush read how his idol Winston Churchill began painting after his time in office and decided to emulate the former Prime Minister. We're curious to see how those 19 portraits turn out, but we know for sure that they will go viral as soon as they surface.

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