To celebrate 140 years building the company that would become the icon and pinnacle of denim, Levi's joined up with Japan-based bag makers PORTER, a luggagewear brand that is known for its simple, scaled back designs and materials. The duo created a capsule collection consisting of backpacks, fanny packs and shoulder bags in limited quantities.

The brands' aesthetics largely sat on opposite sides of the spectrum - Levi's, a rugged, all-American classic in blue against structured, quiet and angular designs from PORTER. But the two created a trio of pieces that live in perfect collaboration harmony; the overall look doesn't resemble one or the other drastically, but the bags maintain signature features you can spot out from the respective brands. Levi's brought the denim from from their 501 jeans made at Cone Denim Mills in White Oak, North Carolina. PORTER brought sport with high-performance nylons and tradition with touches of indigo on the dungaree.

The backpack, fanny pack and tote will only be available for a short time - cop at Levi's Shibuya or Shinjuku locations, or go to Levi's E-Shop.

[via Levi's