While we eagerly await the unveiling of Peter Saville’s design for Kanye West’s new visual identity, today we’re treated to a different collaboration for the designer, away from the musical direction he’s mostly known. Saville teamed up with clothing company Lacoste to reinterpret its iconic crocodile logo for a run of limited-edition shirts. The company gave Saville carte blanche over the L.12.12 polo shirt for the Holiday Collector no.8 line of shirts. It’s a minimal redesign, as Saville didn’t change any of the hues of the shirt, but instead chose to redraft the logo only.

Saville, who is known for his iconic designs for bands such as Joy Division, recently won the London Design Medal and has previously worked with clothing companies like Supreme. Check out how he distorted and redesigned the croc above.

The clothes seem to currently be unavailable online, but can be nabbed in a number of Lacoste stores.

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[via Dezeen]