Just a week or so ago, we brought you news that Patrick Martinez was showing new works for one day only, in a Los Angeles neighborhood bodega. Now, he’s taking new works to a show titled “Buy Now Cry Later” at the Minneapolis arts space called Public Functionary.

It’s the first Midwest solo exhibition by the artist, who generally shows on one of the coasts. This piece, featuring 18 all-new pieces of his signature neon work and paintings, explores the dilemma of a dwindling number of consumer choices, while simultaneously constantly confronted with the notion we’re to be acquiring more than our means holds possible. Issues of mental and physical health, violence, money, race, and education are among the themes of the show. 

“Buy Now Cry Later” opens on Friday, November 15. Public Functionary is at 1400 12th Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.

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[via ArrestedMotion]

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