Hypebeasts are known to cop their gear, brag about them, snap a few pics, and never go near them ever again. The mindset of always looking out for the next shit is a dangerous acceptance of consumerism and waste, which have contributed to countless environmental and societal problems around the world. 

Patagonia, experts of rough-and-tough outerwear, put out a short film this holiday season to encourage their customers to experience life through their garments. Titled "Worn Wear," the 27-minute video explores the lives of real individuals and how their Patagonia products have served them through their lives, the tales they have accumulated, and how the ultra-durable clothing will fit into their immediate and not so immediate futures.

The clip also sheds light on each individual's backgrounds and inspirations with words of wisdom peppered throughout. Their stories and passion for what they do is truly uplifting, and if it doesn't get you up on your feet then you're just not paying enough attention.

Check out the trailer above and visit the Worn Wear portal site for the full-length feature. Before spending all your money on a few new pieces this Black Friday, this film might help you pause to think and appreciate about what you already own.