AYO! Your regular ass clothing or candle collabo isn’t cutting it anymore. Now you gotta make some signature beer or liquor or something, you know? And that's exactly what the nature loving folks over at Patagonia just did with their drunk friends over at New Belgium Brewing. Because it’s Patagonia beer, it’s obviously "canned for adventure" and full of ingredients that none of us have ever heard of like whatever the fuck "noble hallertau" is. Do you guys think this shit comes with ill Patagucci fleece beer cozies? I sure hope so. But, of course, the question on everybody's mind is: Will it get you properly shitfaced? Well, at 5.5% ABV it's right on par with Bud Ice, so I think a resounding "Yeah, just drink 12 like always" is in order. Okay, I think this is the final push I needed to really get going on my medical marijuana dispensary collabo. My signature weed, Air Moy, comes out next year.

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