Have you ever wondered what you would look like when you’re old and gray, and still dressing in today’s streetwear styles? Photographer Dai Lyn Power gives you a crystal ball into what your future self could look like.

In her latest series of photos, Power flicks up a few senior citizens from the Vitanas nursing home from Ludwigshafen decked out in some of today’s hottest streetwear brands. The idea of the Our Generation project was to show how future generations will look as if they were part of our generation. We have to say, the images are pretty much on point.

All the major streetwear players, from HUF to Supreme, are included and styled with gold chains, skateboards, and cellphones. It looks like Power even showed one of the retirees how to take a #selfie.

If you’re looking forward to retirement, but won’t retire your Hypebeast ways, this is what the future holds.

[Vice via Stylesight]