Tenue de Nimes is one of those stores that I don’t really know that much about, but just have this feeling that it's pretty fucking cool, ya know? They came up with this 60/40 parka with Penfield that features the original 60/40 fabric and a chambray lining, so they must be doing something right over there. Can you imagine being a sales associate at this place? You’d have cool guy hair, be draped in the finest denims and have access to tons of legalized weed. And you know how stores are always friends with bars and restaurants and stuff because cool guy Illuminati? If I owned a store in Amsterdam I’d make all my employees befriend the best organic weed shop employees in the neighborhood. I’d be like, “We should really do a collaboration,” but instead of actually doing any real work on my part, I’d just remake those stupid fucking Huf socks Odd Future Wolfgang Burn All The People fans love.