If you've become a fan of the layered, drapey, gothic look that's flourished of late, then Odeur is a Swedish brand you definitely need to get familiar with. Luckily, the label just launched its e-commerce shop, which means you can lace up for the dark nights ahead.

The latest collection makes use of clean, minimalistic pieces that embody the brand’s aesthetic of “dark silhouettes and nostalgic connotations.” Featuring an assortment of long wool coats, cardigans, hooded blazers, and oversized shirts, each piece captures the brand's philsophy of pushing boundaries while being informed by the past. Not only does the fall/winter drop include dark, wintry colors, but it also utilizes a blend of materials in mesh, cashmere and wool, so not only are your silhouettes breaking new ground, but you're whole style will advance into new levels. Make sure you visit Odeur's new e-commerce site, and while you may have to drop a few Euros, the prices are still way more accessible than other labels with a similar look.