It's pouring rain when you wake up in the morning, and as you put on your clothing for work, you find yourself wishing for a suit-appropriate waterproof jacket. With a hood.

But how would that look, rolling into the office with the sartorial version of a poncho? Might seem funny.

The North Face's Mountain Coat provides a middle-ground answer - a rain jacket made of grey chambray with tiny thatched stitching, a waterproof Gore-Tex lining and a hidden hood that zips up inside the collar. Flap pockets on either side - an essential, yet underrated detail - will keep your hands warm now that you don't need an umbrella. The bright blue hood resembles North Face's more well-known waterproof outerwear, but its casual feel is meted out by the clean lines and classical Mackintosh silhouette provided by the rest of the coat. 

The jacket is hard to find, to say the least. It's only available at a few stores in Japan, but you might be able to grab it here. Nothing beautiful yet sensible ever came easily.

[via Silver-and-Gold]