When Lagos-based designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal sat down to create a new line for his brand Orange Culture, he considered patterns he'd seen both in nature and worn by the elders around whom he grew up. Lawal set out to create a collection that evoked the rich colors and textures of his ethnic upbringing, coupled with a twist on contemporary sportswear he'd seen on runways worldwide. 

The result of this mixture can be seen in Orange Culture's spring 2014 lookbook: bold, wild prints, deep blue, tan, orange and yellow hues, tailored slacks and asymetrical tunics are just some of the highlights from Oke-Lawal's latest line. He told Nigerian blog Ono Bello that he wanted a multi-dimensional layered look, and that a particularly impressive wraparound shirt's design was inspired by traditional clothing worn by local chiefs. 

Oke-Lawal, who graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in Business Administration, also heads up a style outfit called BUBAAI. Some of his work was recently showcased at London gallery Kingly Court's art show "Woven Threads." 

Take a look at the collection above. Consider the see-through blazer.