NEEDS/WANTS is further proving that its lopsided design can be very versatile when mixing fabrics together. For an exclusive peek at its spring/summer 2014 season, the Heritage Varsity jacket once again returns, this time with a surprising sleeve detail constructed entirely of bear fur. When was the last time you saw something made in bear fur? Unless you’re a long descendent of James “Grizzly” Adams, the exotic pelt probably never touched your skin.

Designer Sean Brown took the fur from a giant grizzly he recently slayed during a trip in the woods while on an excursion with Canadian Mounties. Okay, so that part was a lie that we wish really happened, but that’s how crazy this jacket is that it must have an even better story behind it. No other details on price, but this just moved on top of our list of things to get next season. Look out Internetz, this beast is coming for your arm. We’ll update with more details as they become available.