With Kanye West’s “Yeezus” tour kicking off just a few weeks ago, many people tuned in to see what he would be wearing. It was soon revealed that Maison Martin Margiela hooked up with Yeezy to create outfits exclusive to the tour that dipped the rapper literarily head-to-toe in Margiela, from the famed masks to exclusive kicks. Hypetrack recently caught up with MMM to get some insights on how the whole collaboration went down.

All signs indicate that Yeezy was hands-on with the couture gear and pretty much had access to anything in the house's archives and current line-up. If you’ve seen the stage for the Yeezy tour, you know everything is done on a grand scale, and it seemed like this was the philosophy that guided the tour's outfits, as well.

We tried to fit Kanye's vision as closely as possible so we spent a lot of time discussing alterations, fabrics, new colours, textures. Creativity was maximised as we realised Haute Couture pieces in our Parisian Atelier; we had no creation limits,” Maison Martin Margiela added.

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[via Hypetrak]

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