We've seen pop-up stores before, but this Louis Vuitton installation is on a higher level...literally. The luxury brand built a structure 30 feet tall and 100 feet wide in the shape of one of their traditional printed trunks and installed it in Moscow's Red Square. The structure is modeled after a trunk that belonged to a Prince Wladimir Orloff and features his initials monogrammed on the side. It was made to house an upcoming exhibition entitled 'L’Ame du Voyage’ (The Soul of Travel), which features 25 of the brand's historical pieces, celebrates the store's 125th anniversary in Russia, and serves to raise money for the Naked Heart Foundation.

Not everyone was thrilled about the arrival of the large structure and its close proximity to the Kremlin. It has been decided that the trunk will be dismantled ahead of schedule (it was supposed to stand until early December) and will be moved to a new location yet to be determined. Check out the recent news report out of the country here:

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[via PSFK/Time]