Lena Dunham's 2010 film Tiny Furniture was the award-winning precursor of her hit television show HBO's Girls. A lot of the film was filmed in the Tribeca home of Dunham's parents, who have decided that after more than ten years, it is time to sell. Located at 16 Desbrosses Street, the $6.25 million apartment includes a duplex studio (her parents are fine artists) and private storage in the cellar. The space has seen many renovations over the past decade, including a replacement of the floors damaged during the making of Dunham's film. The kitchen, living room, and dining area all flow into one another, there is a walk-in closet almost as big as the master bedroom, and substantial closet space on the main floor as well as an office off of the large studio. If you can afford the $1736 per-square-foot, head over to Town Real Estate

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