In an interview with Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1, Lady Gaga reveals that her Halloween was a lot better than yours. The pop star says she spent the last 48-hours with stage director Robert Wilson (whom she calls "Bob"), reenacting The Death of Marat, a 19th century painting by David. She describes collaborating with Wilson as being "like a séance," explaining that "when those things happen it's like allowing the spirit of the painter and the subject to come to us while we're working." As an artist known for her expressive outfits (or lack thereof), Gaga explains that dressing for Halloween gives her anxiety. She says that to deal with the daily stress caused by her wardrobe (like not fitting into doorways or cars), she uses the "eagle breathing" technique, one of the many exercises that she has learned during her "long-durational" collaboration with Marina Abramovic.

Gaga also briefly discusses going nude during a performance of the song "Venus" at G.A.Y. in London: "I wanted to give them "Venus" as a gift and a thank-you for always being there for me and really supporting me in the beginning...when I was singing this song to them it was just really natural. The Birth of Venus the painting by Boticelli, she's naked as she is spawned from the sea...the painting that has been inspiring me, the song, as well as the Jeff Koons sculpture that is on the album cover, it just kind of happened." 

Listen to the full interview below:

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