Following the release of her highly anticipated follow-up to Born This Way, pop star and Jeff Koons collaborator Lady Gaga released a new “film” yesterday, by way of a choppily cut YouTube video. An ARTPOP Film was directed by the Dutch pair of fashion photographers Inez and Vindooh, with whom she collaborated on for her ArtRave. It’s a two-minute clip with a voiceover about the turmoils of making the album, and how heavy the subject matter is.

She really wants us convinced of the pain and turmoil that she’s going through, in directly working with the most fiscally successful artist alive, and having legions of adoring fans.

Gaga’s album has so far sold only one fourth of Born This Way, so it seems she’s up for anything, as Spin speculates. So, she gets a little naked here and there in the video, with sheer lingerie and earthy elements that can only be described as “strategic.”

Other highlights include:
- A throne made out of computer chips and circuit boards.
- Countless wigs.
- Mud. Mud everywhere.
- Writhing. So much writhing.
- Items of clothing that have no names.
- Monster teeth.
- An Uncle Fester-style light bulb glowing in her mouth.
- Making out with mannequins.

Watch it above.

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