On Nov. 10th, Lady Gaga invited fans and press people to a warehouse in Brooklyn for artRave, a night of art, fashion, tech, and music collaborations. The event celebrated the kickoff of Gaga's new album ARTPOP and included work by Marina AbramovicInez and VinoodhRobert Wilson, and Gaga's new BFF, Jeff Koons.

MTV caught up with Gaga during artRave where she spoke about working with Koons, who designed the cover of ARTPOP as well as a series of sculptures for the pop singer unveiled at artRave. Lady Gaga gushed about working with Koons: "This is a living ledged that has really reached out and given a gift to young people all over the world and said, ‘I choose to validate this woman that you call Gaga, this woman that you love, and I choose to immortalize her in this art form.' For him to do that and give us that gift, this is showing the potential of any future young person to succeed in their life."

While it's unclear how this is an inspiring message for the kids, by working with Gaga, Koons has helped to legitimize her presence in the art world.

Last week, Gaga also talked to BBC about her collaborations with famous artists.

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