As part of her ArtRave extravaganza tonight, Lady Gaga is showing work by avant-garde playwright Robert Wilson, photographers Inez and Vindooh, and the queen of performance art Marina Abramovic. The installations follow a set of sculptures by Jeff Koons for the pop star revealed earlier tonight.

Robert Wilson will display six video portraits displayed on HD screens. The digital works appear like photographs but push the portrait further by incorporating lighting, costume, gesture, set design, and narrative—theatrical elements that come together in all of Wilson's work.

Photographers Inez and Vindooh have created four diptychs of Lady Gaga and flowers.  

Marina Abramovic will screen a film of Lady Gaga practicing the Abramovic Method, something that will probably look a lot like the video of Gaga walking around naked in the woods that surfaced this summer. 

Also on display will be Benjamin Rollins Caldwell's Binary Chair, a seat made of circuit boards, LCD screens, and other electronic parts that Gaga perched on in the nude to promote her new album ARTPOP.  

Inez and Vinoodh's photograph of Lady Gaga

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