Earlier today on The Breakfast Club, Kanye West compared himself to the performance artist Marina Abramović and called his "Bound 2" video performance art. Abramović is a favorite of many celebrities, especially in 2013, whether it be Jay Z, who's donating money to the construction of her performance art institute (she famously performed with him in July at Pace Gallery for the "Picasso Baby" video, which was inspired by her piece at MoMA, The Artist is Present) or Lady Gaga, who she worked with on a training video for MAI and ARTPOP (during which Marina apparently helped Gaga curb her weed habit). 

Despite all of Marina's recent celebrity interactions and collaborations, especially within the music world, today she's been spotted somewhere we hadn't seen before...Kim Kardashian's illustrious Instagram profile. In March, many thought Kim's style was beginning to look like Marina's, making this meeting even cooler. 

Could they have been discussing Kim's "performance" in "Bound 2" or trading style tips? Both? We can only hope.

[via Instagram]