Amidst a confrontational interview, Kanye West told Power 105's The Breakfast Club, "You saw we opened that Yeezus Tour pop-up shop. We sold $350,000 of merchandise in two days." That's enough money to buy the entire Jay Z x Barneys "A New York Holiday" collection and still have some scrilla left over for North and Kim.

From the looks of things, it certainly looked like kids were coming out in their freshest to drop dough on T-shirts, trucker hats, lanyards, and the Confederate-flag bedecked bomber jacket. At $35 a piece, that's 10,000 units moved in two days, a phenomenal amount. Of course, that's just playing around with the numbers, but any thing that can pull in that amount in two days with minimal overhead is a pretty wild feat. We'll see if Kanye can achieve similar results with his soon-to-come adidas partnership.

[via Power 105]

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