Last week, Bret Easton Ellis hosted a discussion with Kanye West and his creative assistant, Elon Rutberg, on PodcastOne where the rapper spoke about 12 Years a Slave, product design, and making Takashi Murakami cry. In a second installment that aired today, Ellis prodded Kanye further on creativity, perfection, and exceptional people.

Most recently, Kanye has been feeling both heat and praise for his unapologetically cheesy "Bound 2" video. New York Magazine's art critic Jerry Saltz is a fan of the video and calls it "The New Uncanny," a phenomenon where celebrities and artists (i.e. Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons) try so hard to be sincere that they appear even more alien. Kanye addresses this disunity in his role as a performer, telling Ellis that he exists in a "thin line between the inside of the TV and the outside of the TV, or the inside of the Internet and the outside of the Internet, and what is the matrix and what’s real and what’s authentic." Throughout the interview Kanye talks about the blend of influences that he incorporates in his work, ranging from sci-fi comics, to pornography, to architecture, to the Bible. He also discusses his upcoming film project, a re-imagining of The Jetsons. We picked his best quotes on art and creativity. Check out our recap with Kanye West Talks Flying Cars, Pornography, and High Design in Part 2 of His Podcast With Bret Easton Ellis.

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