Apparently, Jos. A. Bank has a hard on for Men's Wearhouse because terrible clothing is kind of their thing, so why not add to the illustrious roster? Jos. A. Bank is essentially trying to become the Miami Heat of decisively hot garbage mass retailer menswear brands and offered up 2.4 billion dollars for Men's Wearhouse. What's even fucking crazier is that Men's Wearhouse straight denied the offer Mutombo style, saying that Jos A. Bank had "significantly undervalued" them. It's like Men's Wearhouse acquires Joseph Abboud (who for a second there was kinda close to being dope), does one incredibly suspect "fashion lookbook" and all of the sudden their shit don't stink. Can you even imagine the outfits the corporate dudes involved in this deal even wore to these meetings? Honestly, no one can tell the difference between these two brands anyway. Why not completely Voltron up and shut shit down in the I Don't Give A Single Fuck How I Look As Long As This Thing Has Buttons It Has Buttons Right Cool I'll Buy 5 And Get 5 Free demographic for good?