For a new installation at The Boiler in Brooklyn, you are invited to strip down and sit in a steaming hot tub to view Jonathan Schipper's installation "Detritus." For the dynamic show, while you heat up in the bubbling water, a robot builds sculptures out of the 12 tons of salt that cover the floor.

Mounds of salt fill up the room in The Boiler, creating crystalline hills and valleys that look like a post-apocalyptic landscape. Schipper's robot is suspended from cables above the salted floor. The machine spits out salt, forming geometric structures that seem to morph into toy skyscrapers amid the salty hills.

"Objects are continuously being formed but, due to the fragility of the salt crystals used to make them, they deteriorate at nearly the same rate new ones are being built," reads the press release. "This installation is an attempt to create a vantage point that is impossible in the real world. A vantage point that both condenses and speeds up time and provides an objective view of the things we value which, at times, we recognize as merely detritus."

We're not sure if we would take a dip in the optional hot tub, but the immersive installation and delicate salty landscape is definitely worth a visit. Check out Schipper's machine in motion below:

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