We all know the name BORF from the streets of the world, a phrase written by the artist John Tsambikos in remembrance of his late friend Bobby L. Fisher, a victim of suicide. But we’re not all as familiar with Tsambikos work in the fine art field. Now, he’s opening the first show under his given name at London’s Lazarides Gallery. Entitled “BORF Show,” the works showcased include a number of paintings created with a variety of techniques that vary from the practices of art-world graffitos, pumping on canvases that resemble the work of his cited influencers: Lucio Fontana, Christopher Wool, Clifford Still, Mark Rothko, Brice Marden, Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell and Adolph Gottlieb. The results are evocative and thought-provoking, kind of erasures of graffiti that echo with the stimulus of art giants past. Check out a few of images of the show above. 

"BORF Show" opens November 29.

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