We're not actors, so we don't usually like to criticize the performances of others (yes we do), but this gave us no choice. This independent film called "Edie Superstar" has launched a Kickstarter so that they can get the word out about the film and submit it to festivals, but after watching this, we are not interested. Producer Carissa Lynelle plays the role of the fashion icon Edie Sedgwick while Andy Warhol is portrayed by actor Victor Kolyszko. The film is set in New York around 1970 when Sedgwick and Warhol met and also includes other personalities who were around during the heyday of the Warhol factory. The acting in the trailer is so incredibly unconvincing that we really don't want to see any more. Even Andy Warhol would say that their voices were monotone. The hardest working people on that set had to be the makeup artist and the lighting director because everyone else seems to be phoning it in. But as always, you don't have to agree...check out the trailer below and decide for yourself if you want to support this project:

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