Ice Cold NY has been teaming up with some of the world’s coolest shops of late, and it just added another one to the list. Linking up with Atlanta’s own Wish ATL, the two put their heads together to provide you with some fire gear for cold weather cycling.

The 3M Windbreaker is the incredible result of this partnership. It probably won’t get you through sub-zero temps, but it will maximize your 'fit on brisk fall rides and while acting as a shell over winter layers. The anorak style has branding from both brands throughout, but the most important feature is the trademark 3M markings that are placed in the most critical spots. These reflect light and let drivers know you're there. If you’ve had more than a few close calls biking or even walking at night, this is a good-looking way to make sure you can safely stunt 24/7. 

Visit the Wish website on Wednesday, November 6 for the drop.