Since the late '70s, Hulk Hogan has been electrifying crowds while destroying dudes in the ring. He's also had one of the most recognizable looks in all of professional wrestling. While his signature facial hair has never really changed (except for the dark underbeard of his NWO years), Hulk's switched it up a few times. And, despite the outlandish personality and look, there are actually quite a few ethings we can all learn from Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

Now, we're not saying you should start cruising European underwear sites looking for yellow undies, nor should you tear apart every T-shirt you own. But if you're tired of taking style cues from the same predictable sources that everyone else looks to, the Hulkster might be able to help you out. Get ready for a proverbial running leg drop on other dudes trying to stunt, because these are Style Tips You Can Learn From Hulk Hogan.

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