We always knew Hitler was an asshole, and a genocidal maniac, and a shitty painter. But now we know how obsessed with fashion he was, too. 

London's Daily Mail reported on Friday on a new 1,100 page biography of Adolf Hitler called, creatively, Adolf Hitler written by big-deal historian Volker Ullrich. And in this big-deal historian's new book on Hitler, we learn that, well, he was pretty fashion-thirsty:

One bill from December 1931 - 15 months before he came to power - is from master tailor Michael Werner of Munich for clothes including a suit made of 'the finest materials lined with silk', trousers, jackets, a lounge suit and two white vests for which he paid in Reichsmarks the equivalent of £4,750 at today's rates.

That's basically, like, four pairs of leather sweats. But still: The bills are there, and really not all that surprising given his and the Nazis' record in, uh, everything else.

For one thing, we all already know that Hugo Boss designed the Nazi uniforms and Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy (if not, at the very least, down with the cause). Hitler and the Nazis were totally up on fashion. Don't act suprised. You know the kind, that guy who always insists on making an entrance, obsessed with appearances, and always spending all their money on the latest and newest shit. Again: Hitler—total hypebeast.

Of course, he also spent money on champagne, a fleet of Benzos, a house for side-piece Eva Braun, and never paid income taxes, all while portraying himself as a man of the people. It goes without saying, but a man who stunts as hard as he can is not a man of the people. And Hitler died an asshole everyone in history hates and is embarassed by, because, fair warning, that's what will happen to you if you get too stuntastic (and/or genocidal). 

Also, here is your obligatory Downfall parody about Fashion Week:

[via Daily Mail]


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