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EraStreetwear B.C.

"One of the roots of street culture or street fashion is urban fashion. If you look at the heavy hitters today, like The Hundreds or the Diamond, their predecessors were Pelle Pelle, Roc-a-Wear, and Sean John. And Wu Wear was the predecessor to that. Sean John and Roc-a-Wear were brands started by rappers that were on a really major level, like they had shop-in-shops in Macy's, and they had runway shows. But Wu was really a clothing brand started by rappers and kind of operated by rappers, not by a garmento backer that was licensing the image. You really got the feeling that is was six childhood friends opening a store in Staten Island, and printing tees and making really weird fashion that basically only the Wu could come up with. There is something real genius about that.

"The fact that unfortunately it didn't survive the times because it didn’t have that experienced apparel maker background, but it was dope and it was very important I think in urban fashion and then leading into street fashion. And interestingly enough how now I think they have a deal of a partnership deal with Rocksmith to do the Tang apparel. It’s interesting now that the underdog from way back when is still today 25 years later some would argue is more relevant than the heavy hitters of back then. In some weird way Wu Tang won in the long run. They outlasted Roc-a-Wear and Sean John in terms of relevancy in my opinion."