EraThe Wonder Years

"I just love W)Taps because often times streetwear references all these different things, whether it's skate or punk or hip-hop, and mixes it all together and then the creator adds his own flare into it. But what W)Taps does is they often reference military culture and the technical history of the military. But they're Otaku-nerds about it, where they just take the details and they magnify them, not necessarily adding their own flare to it.

"It’s almost like they take old military and make it better. They use better fabric, better printing. Everything is just amplified, and I always loved that in this brand. This was just their classic camo with their prints on it. The details of the red label on the sleeve and the woven label on the hang tag—they always took all the details to the next level. 

"Knowing Tet, he probably re-drew the whole camo from scratch. Me or any other streetwear designer would of just scanned the tiger stripe, and then recreated it and do a paint splatter on it or something like that. But Ted, he needed to redraw the entire tiger camo."