Era: The Wonder Years

"I don’t own that much Supreme but this is definitely one that I covet. I love this. A classic photo of an astronaut walking on the moon, and then in the reflection of the helmet of the astronaut is the Supreme flag/logo backwards as if it were being reflected. Smart, awesome execution with everything about this. The Photoshoping of it was great. The sizing that you see there, almost like a Post-It size on a shirt is great; They didn’t make it oversized. And the statement it made, which was like, 'Yo, we're planting our flag on the moon.' It was a, 'We’re taking over the world,' type of thing.

"It was that braggadocious, street, hip-hop mentality, but executed with a very subtle graphic design and in a considered matter, which is why I love it so much. There’s a black border around it, like old film. In the framing of it where it usually has Kodak or Fuji film in the yellow lettering, it says 'Supreme' with the copyright and year, so they even changed that little detail. That's just nerd shit. Nine out of ten people w ill not care that you changed Kodak to Supreme. Me the one guy out of ten that did notice—I'm keeping this shirt for the rest of my life."