EraStreetwear 2Day

"I wanted to put in the World Tour tees, where Stussy had different artists writing their important cities in their hand style. This was for the 25th anniversary of Stussy, an incredibly smart campaign that can be repeated over and over again. You just write the template and you go out and you're like, 'Alright, everyone that we know in our Rolodex should do this for us.' It's pretty easy to roll it out and it’s pretty easy to execute. But it doesn’t look half-assed, every single one is a unique art piece unto itself.  And you just wanted to get all of them.

"It also taps into all the different cities, which is genius. For example, with this particular shirt, if you’re from Compton you might never want a Stussy shirt in your life but now you need this shirt because it says Compton on it."