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EraThe Streetwear Explosion

"I don’t really like putting my own stuff in but I do feel like the pigeon is something that deserves a spot on the mantle of street culture. We designed the shirt back in the end of 2003, early 2004 to go along with our Nike Pigeon release. Honestly, when I made that shirt, I never thought that I would make it again. Funny, right? I thought, 'I'll just do this for this one thing, and I'll never do it again.'

"Years and years and years later, on iterations and iterations later, on cut and sew, on chino pants, on water towers, it’s crazy where this bird has taken things to. It’s a testament to how sometimes when you do something that you believe in, it doesn't have to have a reason. There’s no justifiable business plan for putting a rodent vermin on clothing. If I went to any bank or investor and I was like, 'I'm gonna put pigeons on shirts and sell them. You want to invest in me?' Everyone would say no.

"But it just shows that if you believe in something and have a reason for it, slowly but surely over time you’re going to gather a following of people that are going to believe in your story and hopefully follow along with you and go for the ride. And it's been a crazy ride from this first shirt."