EraThe Streetwear Explosion

"I put in the 'Gun Show' tee from Rogue Status because, when this came out, it was so mind-blowing and it took that rebel mentality of street culture to that Nth degree. It was like the all-over print thing was becoming a trend in street culture and to then put something as aggressive as automatic machine guns and pistols with the all-over print. This is worse than just saying 'F-U-C-K' on a shirt. You can’t even get through customs with this shirt on, that's how aggressive it is.

"And it's awesome that somebody would do that to a shirt, and it’s awesome that the T-shirt as a medium has the power to do that. Quite honestly, this stage sort of passed kind of quickly, as it should, because it's so damn aggressive. How many kids can actually wear this? You’d be scared if you saw a mall full of kids all wearing this same shirt. It had to pass sooner or later but I think taking it to that level was important for street fashion to do."