Era: Streetwear 2Day

"So this is one of those shirts that's like an inside joke shirt. It all started from Milton Glaser who’s a legendary graphic designer. He did the 'I Love New York' logo and then people started to flip off of that. Other cities flipped on that logo, too. I love SF shirts, I run New York, blah blah blah. So this was just like the nail in the coffin for all of those shirts. Go fucking love your own city and get the hell out of New York. It's a very New York sentiment, kind of like a New Yorker attitude and this shirt, this design, exuded this attutide.

"It’s hard for a shirt to do that, it’s not easy for a shirt to have its own swag to it but this shirt did that. The execution and the design is good too. I always like this one for some reason. The other thing that was good and clever from Reason’s standpoint was that it doesn’t say get out of New York. It was go love your own city. So even though it had a New York mentality, if you bought this and wore it in Chicago, it would make sense, too."

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