EraStreetwear B.C.

"This is one of those tees I still have that is way too gargantuan to ever wear, but I will never throw this T-shirt away. This shirt marked an Olympic moment during the Black Panther era of U.S. history. The fastest man who was predicted to win the gold medal in track and field was a Black Panther. The U.S. government knew that, and they were like. "Listen, we know you're probably gonna win and when you stand up and accept the medal, just be a good boy and just accept the fucking medal and just let the national anthem play and have a nice day, don’t do nothing crazy. We know you’re a Black Panther but don’t do anything crazy.'

"The story goes that as the national anthem plays he sort of looked down at his hands, which you can see in the first scene. There was just a struggle within himself as to what to do 'cause he was so against American politics—he was a Panther. Then, just as the song ended he put on a black glove and pumped his black fist in the air. On the world stage. I think they might have revoked his gold medal.

"PNB re-enacted this in a very beautiful way, very artistically done in my opinion in a nice subtle way. The text is so key in this design. Under the first one they put 'Intention.' And then on the last one they put 'Deed.' It's so powerful because the intention is that you’re a Black Panther and you have this mindset in your head. But if you're sharing in the glory and people are throwing enough accolades and medals at you, will you have enough within you to go through with the deed, the action.

"Almost like actions speak louder than words in a sense. It's like, 'Yeah, your intention is that you’re a Black Panther but do you have the balls to do it? Then the last scene is deed. It’s a fucking T-shirt design, that is heavy shit! That is volumes of information that, if you’re a young kid and you want to look this up, and this is before wikapedia so I would spend months going and see microfiche film at a library trying to find headlines and shit, all from a T-shirt. It's such a powerful medium."