EraStreetwear B.C.

"I was interning at PNB when this shirt came out. And alongside Stussy, which is sort of the West Coast grandfather of streetwear, I think PNB was the East Coast grandfather of streetwear. PNB always put a high level of thought in everything they did, way more than Stussy. Stussy was a great, very unique tag, had a great story, they had their Stussy global tribe they were able to get their name out that way. But Stussy didn’t really say that much. It was moreso cool and visually interesting.

"PNB was like the Cornel West of streetwear. Every shirt was an encyclopedia of knowledge, and so dope. This is just one of them: the 'Don’t Test' graphic. I think about this shirt all the time even to this day. It's just a big gun all photo copied, then splattered in execution and in small type underneat, just 'Don’t Test.' Don’t fuck with me. An awesome, passive-aggressive design. Not aggressive like the Rouge Status shirt or a Fuct shirt. Just subtle, sort of Malcolm X-style thinking just saying, 'Don't fuck with me, man.'

"So the back had a big red gun with 'Don’t Test' on it. The front of the shirt was a line drawning of a karate guy doing a crane kick. It looked like a diagram of how to do martial arts or kung fu and the back was a gun that said 'Don’t Test.' The mix of those two—ancient martial arts and street protection—don’t test either of them."