Era: Streetwear B.C.

"There's a lot of PNB on this list but I think it's well deserved. Proud Nubian Brothers was great because it was such a weird shirt. It's definitely something that you would think only a black person should be able to wear. But a lot of non-black people were wearing this shirt in the early-'90’s. And it was kind of okay and I don’t know why per se.

"I think that says something about streeetwear and how it was all-inclusive for everyone. That was the beauty of streetwear. Urban wear was for black people, skate wear was for white kids. Streetwear was the melting pot of all of them, where everyone was accepted. This PNB shirt, which was Proud Nubian Brothers, had the NBA Jerry West logo but with an afro and he had a halo over his head.

"It was just okay for everyone to wear, and I think that really helped instill that breaking down of color lines for people. I don’t know anyone that ever got called out for wearing that shirt even if you weren’t black, even if you weren’t a Proud Nubian brother. It just shows that you supported the cause. It was pretty cool."